The Roof

Once we had the structure done, we worked on the roof. We noticed that there’s a slight slant on the roof of the actual tardis, so we decided to make our roof slanted. This has the added benefit of keeping rain and possibly snow off when it’s functioning as my mother’s garden shed.

Dad working on the roof

The roof and the structure of the Tardis

The roof painted

Once the roof was finished, it was painted.

On top of the real Tardis is a light.

Light on 11th Doctor's Tardis

To reproduce this light we used an artichoke jar from Costco. (The artichokes got relocated to an old Chinese food container.)

The jar for the light fixture. Inside it are three LEDs and the cord (which didn't stay there) to make the LEDs light up.

For the pieces on the side of the light we used wooden dowels.

The wooden dowels painted blue

The big problem for us was the piece on the top. My dad managed to make it by gluing two 2*10s together and cutting them down to size.

The piece on top of the light painted blue

Once finished, the light fixture looked like this.

The light on top of the Tardis

The Tardis with the roof

Finally we put the roof on top of the Tardis.

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